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Prepare your home for cooler days ahead.

Your home is one of your most important possessions. By keeping it properly maintained, you can reduce the risk of a loss. Please take a moment to review these important safety tips.

  • Insulate water pipes in areas exposed to cold temperatures, and turn up the thermostat during extra cold periods.

  • Check for damage to your roof, and clean gutters and downspouts to keep fallen leaves from accumulating.

  • Check and repair caulking around doors and windows that show signs of deterioration.

  • Check caulking around showers, bathtubs, sinks and toilet bases; and make repairs as needed.

  • Have your chimney cleaned and maintained annually by a professional.

  • Clean the clothes dryer exhaust duct and space under the dryer. Remove all lint, dust, and pieces of material.

For more seasonal home maintenance tips visit Prepare & Prevent.

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