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Car Insurance Discounts!

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

I did a video the other day about my top 3 favorite car insurance discounts. I thought I'd put it here for my reader friends :)

1. Paperless or E-docs

When you opt to go "paperless" this means you are receiving all your documents and billing statements electronically. This could either be by email or by signing onto the carriers site to view. This saves the carrier a ton of money in postage and paper supplies, so most are willing to past that savings on to you! The discount ranges per carrier. I've seen it as little as a flat $5 discount and as much as 5% off your policy premium - WOW.

2. Auto Pay or EFT deductions

This is a payment plan discount. The carrier will give you a discount and reduce your monthly fees when you opt to have them pull your monthly payment out of your account electronically.

There are two types of Auto Pay - either from a debit/credit card or an ACH which is using your routing and account numbers. ACH transaction will give you a better deal, but both options offer savings.

This discount can bring you anywhere from 5%-12% depending on the carrier and then you save on monthy fees as well which could average an additional $36 or more annual savings.

3. Bundling!

This is pretty self explanatory. The company is going to give you a discount if you buy more than one policy with them! Not all carriers require you to bundle your Home, although that is going to give you the best discount. Some will give you the discount if you bundle a rec line (Motorcycle, ATV, Snowmobile or Boat). These discounts have a wide range, depending on carrier and line of business you are bundling, but you can see a savings anywhere from 3%-20%!

So there you have it! I hope you found this information helpful and that I was able to help you save on your Car Insurance bill.

I've attached the video below if you'd like to watch me go over these same discounts :)

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