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Keeping your home safe while you're away

Updated: Oct 19

It's fun to go on vacation whether it be a 10 day trip to another country or a night in the city. We remember to pack all of our essentials, but rarely do we plan out and safeguard our home while away.

Here are a few quick and easy tips to keep unwanted visitors from breaking in or squatting in your home.

1. Leave a few interior lights on. Personally, I always keep my outdoor lights (front and back) on, but also put on one or two in the interior on. The purpose is to make it look like someone is home, but also a brighter home is less likely to be invaded than a dark home.

2. Park a vehicle in your driveway. This could be real easy or hard. If you have a spare, great put that baby out in the driveway! If you don't, you could ask a family member or friend or even your neighbor to park in your driveway. Again, the purpose is to make it look like someone is home.

3. Ask the post office to hold your mail (for extended trips). If your mailbox looks overflowing and like it hasn't been checked in days, this screams no one's home! This is also a good tip if you are expecting any packages. For me, I can hardly keep track of what I've purchased on Amazon, so this is essential when taking any trip!

4. Try not to post on social media!! I know, I know, this one is hard because you want to share your beautiful experience with all your loved ones and want them to live it with you as you are living it. All I'm saying is...can those pics wait just a few days until you are home safe and sound? Because an alternative message you are sending is "Hey World, I'm not home!" and that's really what we are trying to discourage.

4. Lock anything valuable up (just in case). Place any valuable or sentimental jewelry, birth certificates, social security cards, security & bonds as well as cash and your insurance documents in there. I highly recommend a safe that is fireproof and waterproof. These can range in price with a budget friendly version around $40. Bolt it to the floor if you can or hide somewhere unsuspecting if you can't bolt it. Dresser drawers and closets are the typical place, so try to be creative!

5. If you live in a high crime area or are especially concerned with riff raff, contact your local law enforcement. Ask them if they wouldn't mind doing a drive by and give them your cell number so they can inform you if they notice anything suspicious.

Hope you found these quick tips helpful. Enjoy your next trip :)

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